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Perth, Western Australia

Historically, floods in the Swan River and its main tributaries have caused considerable damage in Perth although there is little information on the economic costs of these events. Cities Project Perth has examined a range of river flood scenarios, including rare events, resulting in an improved understanding of the potential impacts from this significant hazard.

Southeast Queensland

Major flooding causing inundation of large areas, isolating towns and disrupting road and rail links occurs about every 10 years on average in the southeast Queensland region.


Cairns has a rather peculiar flood hydrology because the delta on which the bulk of the city stands has not been fed by a river for many tens of thousands of years. As a consequence, it does not have the level of threat from major riverine flooding experienced by other coastal cities in Queensland.


Mackay has the second greatest number of buildings at risk of being flooded in Queensland, with only the Gold Coast City Council area having more buildings at risk.


The Community Risk in Gladstone report considers tropical cyclones along with severe winds, storm tides and earthquakes.

AusGeo News, A post disaster survey, Lismore Floods 2005

Geoscience Australia sent a team to survey businesses and households affected by flooding in northern New South Wales and south east Queensland from 28 to 30 June 2005. Two people had died in the event and many had to be evacuated while businesses and residents suffered significant losses and disruption to normal activities.

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