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June 2006 Listening to the Earth

An arc of volcanic activity borders Australia, from New Zealand in the east to Indonesia in the west. The Indonesia - Papua New Guinea region alone contains 165 active volcanoes and significant volcanic events in the area often register on the Australian International Monitoring System (IMS) infrasound stations.

April 2000 Rabaul Volcanoes Fire 30 Year Passion

Few would know New Britain's volcanoes like former Geoscience Australia employee, Dr Wally Johnson, and no one could be more passionate about them, particularly about those which destroyed the town of Rabaul in 1994. With more than 30 years' experience researching this volatile area in Papua New Guinea, Dr Johnson gave a glimpse of the attraction for him and other volcanologists.

  • AusAID - Aftermath of the Rabaul Eruption

N H (Doc) Fisher Geoscience Library

The N H (Doc) Fisher Geoscience Library at Geoscience Australia is the premier geoscience library in Australia. Established in 1946, the library, which is open to the public, has an extensive collection of earth sciences material.