50m Multibeam Dataset of Australia 2012

Bathymetry data is collected to help us understand more about the nature of the seafloor. One of the most accurate ways of collecting bathymetry data is through the use of multibeam echosounders which are acoustic ship-borne instruments designed to map the ocean floor.

Geoscience Australia is the national custodian of an extensive multibeam dataset. Along with the multibeam data collected by the Australian Government, Geoscience Australia also holds numerous datasets that have been submitted from other institutions in the international scientific community and that lie within and around Australian waters.

Geoscience Australia is releasing this data to facilitate the use of, and access to, bathymetry data in the wider mapping community. This dataset is a tiled compilation of all the multibeam data held by Geoscience Australia lying within the outer edge of the offshore area of Australia, as well as some data in international waters, as at August 2012. The data is gridded to a resolution of 50 metres, which allows for a significant amount of detail to be seen. The data is also projected into suitable WGS84 UTM zones.

This image shows a map of Australia and neighbours covering the area of 87 to 180 degrees east and 0 to 64 degrees south. The maritime boundary of Australia, known as the ?Outer edge of the offshore area of Australia? is delineated. The entire map is faintly tiled, with tiles that are 4 degrees latitude by 6 degrees longitude. Tiles that contain some area within the ?outer edge of the offshore area of Australia? are shaded, labelled and a coloured representation of all bathymetry data within those tiles is shown. If you click on the image, a larger image fills the screen, which has hyperlinks embedded in each tile, such that clicking on a tile links to the download page for the data within that tile.

The data is available in several formats including:

  • ASCII xyz
  • CARIS Grid file
  • GeoTIFF
  • ESRI Grid

This dataset is available to download as individual tiles. (The downloadable tiles were zipped by 7-Zip, the client must use the same software to unzip the tiles). A compilation dataset can also be accessed at the rest services page. This is solely a WGS84 Mercator projection version of the entire dataset as one product in ESRI format and does not include the tiled products. To order the entire 50m Multibeam Dataset of Australia 2012 on a hard drive at a cost of $55, please contact Client Services, quoting GeoCat number 73842.