Table 1: Operating Mines

TABLE 1. Australia's Ore Reserves and Mineral Resources of Major Commodities at Operating Mines in 2016

This table provides short-term (Ore Reserves) and long-term (Mineral Resources) views of Australia's minerals inventory at operating mines. For further information about Australia's minerals inventory see Table 2 (Australia's Ore Reserves) and Table 3 (Australia's Identified Mineral Resources and World Figures). See Table 4 (World Rankings) for a global outlook on Australia's production and resources and see Table 5 (Reserve and Resource Life) for an indication of Australia's potential to continue supplying minerals.

CommodityUnitNo. of Operating Mines (1)Ore Reserve (2) Measured and Indicated Mineral Resources (3) Mine Production 2016(4)
Bauxite Mt 6 806.5 3399 82.152
Black CoalMt 93 12 243 33 774 (5) 566.3 (6)
IImeniteMt714.7045.03 1.4
Iron Ore Mt 29 6368 16 224 858
Manganese Ore Mt 1 79.6 144.4 3.2 (7)
Zircon Mt 84.78 11.80.6
Copper Mt Cu 34 19.37 69.15 0.948
DiamondMc1 66.7 114.7 13.958
Gold t Au 130 2750 6221 288
LeadMt Pb 13 10.0629.84 0.45
NickelMt Ni134.186.470.204
Silverkt Ag 2219.2265.37 1.418
Uraniumkt U3269.79960.936.314
ZincMt Zn13 18.53 51.48 0.884


t = tonne; kt = kilotonnes (1000 t); Mt = million tonnes (1 000 000 t); Mc = million carats (1 000 000 carats). Where an element symbol follows the unit it refers to contained metal content.

1.The number of operating mines counts individual mines that operated during 2016 and thus contributed to production. Some of these mines may belong to larger, multi-mine operations and some may have closed during or since 2016.
2.The majority of Australian Ore Reserves and Mineral Resources are reported in compliance with the Joint Ore Reserves Committee (JORC) Code, however there are a number of companies that report to foreign stock exchanges using other reporting codes, which are largely equivalent. In addition, Geoscience Australia may hold confidential information for some commodities. Ore Reserves are as at 31 December 2016.
3.  Mineral Resources are inclusive of the Ore Reserves. Mineral Resources are as at 31 December 2016.
4. Source: Resources and Energy Quarterly, June 2017 published by the Office of the Chief Economist, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science unless otherwise stated.
5. Measured and Indicated Resources for black coal are presented on a recoverable basis (these are Geoscience Australia estimates unless provided by the company).
6.  Mine production refers to raw coal.
7. Production figures from South32 Ltd (Annual Report 2016).