Digital Topographic Maps

The NATMAP Digital Maps 1:100 000 and 1:250 000 products have been withdrawn from sale. Geoscience Australia will be making all legacy paper topographic and thematic map products available as free downloads in a variety of formats, depending on age and condition of the maps and their expected use.

The NATMAP Digital Maps 1:250 000 scale raster mosaic files are now available as a single mosaic file covering the whole of the Australian mainland and Tasmania. Please note that this mosaic is approximately 2.9GB. There is also a single mosaic file available for each of the 8 UTM zones covering Australia. The Australia mosaic is also available as a web map service for viewing across a number of platforms, including ArcMap, Google Earth and Bing Maps.

Scans of the superseded 1:250 000 scale R502 series of maps and the 1:1 000 000 scale IMW series have now also been released. Individual maps in these series are available for download from Geoscience Australia’s Data and Publications Search by searching for "r502" or "imw". Progressively the 1:100 000 scale published topographic series (including superseded editions), the 1:100 000 scale unpublished topographic compilations and a range of thematic maps produced at 1:5 000 000 and smaller scales will be made available.

NATMAP Digital Maps 250K mosaic files
Digital raster mosaics of all the NATMAP 1:250 000 scale topographic maps are available for free download in .ecw format. These have been extracted from the withdrawn NATMAP Digital Maps 1:250 000 scale DVD product.
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