Topographic Maps

Topographic Map Indexes

Geoscience Australia’s printed maps are being phased out. Interactive web maps are now available to assist with discovery and download of the topographic map series.

These are available for 1:50 000, 1:100 000, 1:250 000 and 1:1 million scale published topographic maps. Use Google Chrome to view these maps.

To use these indexes, zoom and pan the map to an area of interest, then either click the desired map sheet box to activate a pop-up window, or use the dynamic list to the left of the page to access the download link.

Download links in the topographic map indexes will take you to Geoscience Australia’s Data and Publication Search (eCAT), where you can access and download digital copies of published topographic maps at no cost.

1:50 000 Scale Maps

  • Coverage: Partial coverage, predominantly in northern Australia, along major transport routes, and other selected areas. About 2761 maps have been published to date.
  • Currency: 1968 to 2006
  • Coordinates: Geographical and UTM
  • Datum: AGD66, new edition WGS84; AHD
  • Projection: Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)

1:100 000 Scale Maps

  • Coverage: Australia is covered by more than 3000 x 1:100 000 scale maps, of which 1600 have been published as printed maps. Unpublished maps are available as compilations (compilations are accurate plots from photogrammetric models using aerial photographs with established control point framework).
  • Currency: 1961 to 2008
  • Coordinates: Geographical and either AMG or MGA coordinates
  • Datum: AGD66, GDA94; AHD
  • Projection: Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)

1:250 000 Scale Maps

  • Coverage: Covers the whole of Australia with 516 maps.
  • Currency: 1995 to 2012
  • Coordinates: Geographical and MGA
  • Datum: GDA94, AHD
  • Projection: Universal Transverse Mercator (UTM)

1:1 Million Scale Maps

  • Coverage: Whole of Australia covered with 49 maps (please refer Status). National coverage first completed in 1975.
  • Currency: IMW 1971 to 1983. General Reference Topographic 2008-2011
  • Coordinates: Geographical
  • Datum: AGD66 (GDA94 compliant at this scale); AHD
  • Projection: Lambert Conformal Conic
  • Status: The IMW are no longer maintained and some maps may not be available. A new series based on the World Aeronautical Charts (WAC) series of maps was completed in early 2011 and is known as the 1:1 million General Reference Topographic Map Series.

NATMAP Digital Maps

The NATMAP Digital Maps 1:250 000 scale georeferenced raster mosaic files cover the whole Australian mainland and Tasmania. The files are accessible as either a single mosaic file, mosaic files by UTM zones and streaming map services.

NATMAP Digital Maps 250K mosaic files
NATMAP Digital Maps 250K Web Services

Map Reading Guide

The Map Reading Guide is an ideal resource for a wide range of map users and is an excellent and simple introduction to topographic maps which are suitable for anyone with an interest in maps. It is available as a PDF download below.

Map Reading Guide: How to Use Topographic Maps Edition 4

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