AUSPOS - Introduction

Online GPS Processing

Question 1.1 - What is the AUSPOS Online GPS Processing Service?

  • AUSPOS is a free online GPS data processing service provided by Geoscience Australia
  • AUSPOS takes advantage of both The IGS Stations Network and the IGS product range, and works with data collected anywhere on Earth
  • Users submit their dual frequency geodetic quality GPS RINEX data observed in a 'static' mode to the AUSPOS GPS data processing system
  • An AUSPOS report will be emailed to you (typically in less than ten mins) containing Geocentric Datum of Australia 202 (GDA2020) 1994 (GDA94) and International Terrestrial Reference Frame (ITRF) coordinates

Question 1.2 - Who can benefit from the service?

The service aims to assist a variety of users from the private and public sector who require GDA and ITRF coordinates. This includes people undertaking surveys such as:

  • Reference station positioning
  • Remote GPS station positioning
  • Ultra-long GPS baseline positioning
  • GPS connections to IGS and ARGN and APREF stations
  • High accuracy vertical GPS positioning
  • GPS network quality control

Question 1.3 - What do I need?

All you need to submit your data and receive your report is:

  • Geodetic quality dual frequency GPS receiver observation data in RINEX format
  • Access to a web browser with an Internet connection
  • An email account

All the GPS data processing occurs in the AUSPOS GPS data processing server, so the type and capability of your computer is NOT important.

Question 1.4 - What do I submit?

  • GPS RINEX observation data (navigation data is NOT required);
  • the GPS antenna type;
  • the GPS antenna height; and
  • your email address.

Question 1.5 - How do I get the results?

The results are emailed to you when the processing is complete. A link is also provided to our anonymous ftp server where the report is placed. If you are having trouble accessing either of these, please contact us at

Question 1.6 - How fast is it?

This depends on how much data you have submitted. A single site with one day of data should be completed within ten minutes. A multiple site solution might take up to and over twenty minutes. The processing times depend upon system load.

Question 1.7 - How much does this service cost?

It is FREE!

Question 1.8 - What happens to my RINEX files?

AUSPOS will NOT retain a copy of your data set or release any submitted data sets to anyone.

Question 1.9 - Does AUSPOS process real time or kinematic data?

The service does NOT process real time, kinematic, or single frequency GPS data.

Question 1.10 - Does AUSPOS process GLONASS or Galileo data?

The service does NOT process non-GPS data, however; if GNSS data is in the RINEX file it will just be ignored.

Question 1.11 - Why do we make the service free?

AUSPOS provides the service freely to encourage consistency of all precise coordinates used by the GPS community. By making the service free, the Australian GPS community can better compete for contracts throughout the world. Feedback from Australian private sector survey firms shows positive support for the service. They are competing internationally for contracts using the AUSPOS service as an important selling point. Effectively, every small survey/GPS organisation in Australia now has access to a very sophisticated GPS data processing system.