AUSPOS - Step by Step Guide


Step 1

  • Select the number of RINEX file/s you wish to submit
  • Select how you want to transfer your data to Geoscience Australia:
    • ftp option - data retrieved from YOUR ftp server
    • upload option - data transferred through your Internet browser

Step 2

  • Enter the RINEX information - repeat for each of the RINEX files:
    • ftp option - enter the URL of the RINEX file
    • e.g.

      Users can optionally enter a username and password (the default is anonymous file retrieval),


      Please note that ":" separates the username from the password and "@" separates the password from the address

    • upload option - hit the BROWSE button and browse for the RINEX file
  • Enter the height of the GPS antenna. This height is the vertical distance between the ground mark and the Antenna Reference Point (ARP).  AUSPOS uses an antenna height from submission input only. The value in the RINEX header is ignored.
  • Select the antenna type from the list of IGS approved antenna types. If you are not sure what antenna you have or if your antenna is not on the list use the default setting.  However use of the default option may impact the estimated height by up to 10cm.

Step 3

  • Enter your EMAIL address - e.g.

Step 4

  • Hit the submit button
  • The start over button will clear the form
  • Following submission, a new window will open. This window contains information relevant to your processing job. This window can be closed at any time without impacting on the processing