Station List and Coordinates

The GNSS networks map can be viewed in KML format open with Google Earth.

A network map of the ARGN and AuScope sites located at continental Australia can be viewed in [PDF 11.7MB] and [PNG 7.2MB] formats.

Station coordinates

Official Regulation 13 GDA94 coordinates are available for all Australian mainland CORS via the Geoscience Australia Anonymous FTP server.

A weekly coordinate estimate is available for all sites in:

  • SINEX and PDF formats - Geoscience Australia routine analysis report of weekly (in GPS Week WWWW) final solution created from a combination of the 7 daily solutions. The weekly solution was aligned to the IGS08 reference frame which is the IGS realization of ITRF2008, including SINEX and PDF formats (AUSWWWW7.SNX and AUSWWWW7.pdf) along with summary file (AUSWWWW7.SUM).
  • Station Time-series KML - station coordinates time series of Geoscience Australia routine analysis results.

Station list

Continuously Operating Reference Stations as of 07 March 2013
City Country Automatic
alby 50191M001 Albany Australia   Western Australia
alic 50137M001 Alice Springs Australia x  
anda 59971M001 Andamooka Australia x South Australia Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure (DPTI)
arub 59946M001 Arubiddy Australia   WA (Landgate)
bala 59947M001 Baladonia Australia x WA (Landgate)
bboo 59997M001 Buckleboo Australia x SA (DPTI)
bdle 50196M001 Bairnsdale Australia x Victoria Department of Sustainability and Environment (DSE)
beec 59986M001 Beechworth Australia x VIC (DSE)
bing 59942M001 Bingleburra Australia x NSW (LPI)
bknl 59951M001 Broken Hill Australia x New South Wales Land and Property Information (LPI)
bndy 50185M001 Bundaburg Australia   Bundaberg City Council
bro1 50176M003 Broome Australia   WA (Landgate)
broc 59955M001 Bald Rock Australia x VIC (DSE)
bula 59930M001 Boulia Australia x  
bur2 50144M003 Burnie Australia    
bura 50193M001 Burakin Australia   WA (Landgate)
cas1 66011M001 Casey Station Antarctic    
cedu 50138M001 Ceduna Australia x  
cnbn 59949M001 Coonabarabran Australia x NSW (LPI)
ckis 50213M003 Rarotonga Cook Islands x  
coco 50127M001 Cocos Island Cocos Keeling Island x  
coob 59970M001 Coober Pedy Australia x SA (DPTI)
cool 59933M001 Cooladdi Australia x  
darm 50184M001 Darwin Australia    
darw 50134M001 Manton Dam Australia x  
dav1 66010M001 Davis Station Antarctic x  
dave - Davis Station Antarctic    
doda 59985M001 Douglas Daly Australia x Northern Territory Department of Lands and Planning (DLP)
espa 50177M002 Esperance Australia   WA (Landgate)
exmt 59939M001 Exmouth Australia   WA (Landgate)
flnd 59936M001 Flinders Island Australia x  
froy 59937M001 Fitzroy Crossing Australia x WA (Landgate)
gabo 59983M001 Gabo Island Australia x VIC (DSE)
hil1 50141S001 Hillarys Harbour Australia    
hnis 59959M001 Horn Island Australia x Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management (DERM)
hob2 50116M004 Hobart Australia    
hugh 59929M001 Hughenden Australia x  
hydn 50195M001 Hyden Australia x WA (Landgate)
ihoe 59962M001 Ivanhoe Australia   NSW (LPI)
jab2 50136M002 Jabiru Australia    
jlck 59928M001 Julia Creek Australia x  
kalg 50188M001 Kalgoorlie Australia x WA (Landgate)
karr 50139M001 Karratha Australia    
kat1 59968M001 Katherine Australia x NT (DLP)
kat2 59968M002 Katherine Australia    
keln 50197M001 Kellerberrin Australia   WA (Landgate)
kiri 50305M001 Betio Kiribati x  
kunu 59995M001 Kununurra Australia x WA (Landgate)
larr 59984M001 Larramah Australia x NT (DLP)
laut 50804M002 Lautoka Fiji x  
liaw 50192M001 Liaweenee Australia x TAS (DPIPWE)
lyka 59952M001 Larrakeyah Australia x NT (DLP)
lona 59957M001 Leonora Australia x WA (Landgate)
lord 59998M001 Lord Howe Island Australia    
mac1 50135M001 Macquarie Island Antarctic    
main 59944M001 Mainuro Australia x NT (DLP)
maju 51501M001 Majuro Marshall Islands x  
maw1 66004M001 Mawson Antarctic    
mngo 59948M001 Marengo Australia x VIC (DSE)
mobs 50182M001 Melbourne Australia    
mtcv 59965M001 Mount Cavanagh Australia x NT (DLP)
mtem 59954M001 Mount Emu Australia x VIC (DSE)
mtma 59958M001 Mount Magnet Australia x WA (Landgate)
naur 50701M001 Nauru Nauru x  
nhil 59960M001 Nhill Australia x VIC (DSE)
norf 50189M001 Norfolk Island Norfolk Island x  
nors 50194M001 Norsemann Australia x WA (Landgate)
ntjn 59927M001 Neutral Junction Australia x  
park 50108M001 Parkes Australia   WA (Landgate)
pert 50133M001 Perth Australia    
pngm 51006M001 Manus Island Papua New Guinea x  
pohn 51601M001 Pohnepei Federated States of Micronesia x  
ptkl 50145M004 Port Kembla Australia   NSW (LPI)
ptld 50158M003 Portland Australia x VIC (DSE)
ptsv 50178M003 Port Stanvac Australia x SA (DPTI)
ptvl 51402M002 Port Vila Vanuatu x  
ravn 59967M001 Raventhorpe Australia x WA (Landgate)
rhpt 50187M001 Roundhill Point Australia    
rkld 59941M001 Rocklands Australia x  
rnsp 59943M001 Renner Springs Australia x NT (DLP)
rsby 59943M001 Roslyn Bay Australia x QLD (DERM)
sa45 59987M001 Saltia Australia x SA (DPTI)
samo 50603M001 Apia Samoa x  
solo 51202M001 Honiara Solomon Islands x  
spby 50162M004 Spring Bay Australia x TAS (DPIPWE)
sthg 59932M001 Stonehenge Australia x  
stny 50160M002 Stony Point Australia x VIC (DSE)
str1 50119M002 Mount Stromlo Australia    
str2 50119M001 Mount Stromlo Australia    
str3 - Mount Stromlo Australia    
sydn 50124M003 Sydney Australia    
tbob 59963M001 Tiboburra Australia x NSW (LPI)
thev 59940M001 Thevenard Australia x SA (DPTI)
tid1 50103M108 Tidbinbilla Australia    
tong 50902M001 Nuku'alofa Tonga x  
toow 59982M001 Toowoomba Australia x QLD (DERM)
tow2 50140M001 Townsville Australia x  
turo 59956M001 Tuross Heads Australia x NSW (LPI)
tuva 51101M001 Funafuti Tuvalu x  
ucla 50153M002 Eucla Australia   WA (Landgate)
vanu 51402M001 Port Vila Vanuatu    
wagn 59966M001 Wagin Australia   WA (Landgate)
wara 50198M001 Warakurna Australia x NT (DLP)
wilu 59964M001 Wiluna Australia x WA (Landgate)
wlal 59950M001 Walal Australia x WA (Landgate)
wmga 59961M001 Waramunga Australia x NT (DLP)
wwlg 59988M001 West Wylong Australia x NSW (LPI)
xmis 50183M001 Christmas Island Australia x  
yar2 50107M004 Yarragadee Australia    
yar3 50107M008 Yarragadee Australia    
yarr 50107M006 Yarragadee Australia    
yeel 59996M001 Yeelana Australia x SA (DPTI)
yelo 50199M001 Yellowdine Australia x WA (Landgate)
yula 59926M001 Yulara Australia x