Project Title:

Increased accuracy in on-animal spatio-temporal monitoring for livestock sensing applications

Organisations Involved:

  • CQUniversity Australia

Project Summary:

The use of spatial monitoring and management systems in the livestock sector is moving from research into commercial applications. There are now several farm ready systems available or in development that apply spatial data to improve animal management (e.g. smart ear tags and virtual fencing collars).

The use of GNSS as a positioning system has significant potential but is plagued by several issues, one of the key problems is accuracy. Terrestrial location systems are currently preferred for some applications whilst the actual applications of some technologies (e.g. virtual fencing collars and tags) are limited by the coarse spatial resolution that can be achieved with current GNSS.

This project will examine the potential for SBAS to improve the accuracy of GNSS to facilitate the development of two key livestock monitoring and management applications: high resolution virtual fencing for strip grazing and improved behavioural modelling to parturition activity and lambing location in sheep. These two applications could provide significant production efficiency gains for the livestock sector but can only be achieved with improved accuracy potentially available through SBAS. The project is a collaborative endeavour between leading research and industry organisations with field sites in both Australia and New Zealand.


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