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Orbica Limited

Project Title:

Improving Australasia's field-to-office asset data lifecycle through applied geospatial perspective of SBAS technology

Organisations Involved:

  • ORBICA Limited, New Zealand
  • Reveal Infrastructure Limited
  • Enable Networks

Public and private sector organisations hold and use vast amounts of data about the location of utility assets, to plan and execute works programmes. The accuracy of current asset location data is unreliable which leads to additional cost for on-site investigations, delays to projects, disruption to public services and risks to health and safety. Accurate asset locations can be obtained currently, but require expensive equipment, expertise and significant time to process which act as significant barriers to achieving a reliable industry standard of data.

This project will prove that SBAS signal technology enables improvements in accuracy, timeliness, accessibility and affordability of accurate asset management data so that it can be collected and processed on site in a timeframe that doesn’t disrupt site works and to an accuracy that makes it safe to rely on to excavate.

After the initial 'Connect' configuration phase of the equipment, the project will have two phases that will produce a prototype that allows field workers to:


  • Collect new location data from exposed assets, technical attributes as metadata and photographs.
  • Measure key quality differences of signal dataset (accuracy, timeliness, accessibility).
  • Compare the current workflows to get data from the field site to the office, with new workflows enabled by SBAS signals and Orbica technology.


  • Compare existing asset owner's location dataset to new signal location dataset.
  • Test 'field to office' workflows to determine which signal types are fit for purpose in asset management.

Use on site testing to clearly determine the required quality tolerances for timeliness, accuracy and accessibility and determine how any trade-offs affect the ease of use and quality of the dataset in the sub-surface asset management application of SBAS technology.


Queensland University of Technology

Project Title:

Exploring Opportunities for a Special Needs Routing Platform with SBAS

Organisations Involved:

  • Queensland University of Technology
  • Locatrix Communications
  • Vision Australia
  • Gold Coast City Council

The availability of SBAS in Australia could enable a whole new range of application in positioning and routing. This project will explore the opportunities for special needs routing platform with SBAS and investigate if SBAS can be a crucial part in making our cities and attractions more accessible to the physically and visually impaired through enhanced positioning and guidance.


Australia Post

Project Title:

Autonomous Parcel Delivery

Organisations Involved:

  • Australia Post
  • Marathon Robotics

Australia Post is exploring the opportunities autonomous technologies will play in the future of logistics and transport, in particular autonomous vehicles that operate on pedestrian footpaths. The SBAS trial will explore how improved location accuracy can potentially increase the overall reliability, safety and efficiency of the technology solution.


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