Three-dimensional visualisation of the Great Artesian Basin

This software tool was produced by the Great Artesian Basin Water Resource Assessment (GABWRA) to assist conceptualisation of the Great Artesian Basin (GAB) by allowing users to visualise the complex hydrogeological system in three dimensions. The tool allows exploration of the data and subsequently an improved level of understanding not easily achieved with non-interactive 2D representations.

Key datasets of the 3D visualisation component include contact surfaces between major aquifers and aquitards with coverage of significant portions of the GAB, well lithostratigraphic and wire-line data and hydrogeochemistry produced by State and National Agencies. These datasets are manipulated within GOCAD® to develop the 3D layers, and are delivered in this tool via the Geoscience Australia (GA) 3D data viewer.

Screenshots from the GABWRA Three-dimensional visualisation of the Great Artesian Basin.

3D Hydrogeological Model: Opening view

3D Hydrogeological Model: rotated view