NATMAP Raster 2005 and Digital Maps 250K 2008

Problems installing or running

If you are having problems installing or running NATMAP Raster 2005 or NATMAP Digital Maps 2008, try the following:

  • have you uninstalled previous versions of NATMAP Raster?
  • have you checked that your computer meets the specifications outlined on the packaging?
  • have you tried restarting your computer?
  • have you examined the relevant sections of the User Guide?
  • have you tried uninstalling and reinstalling again?

Problems installing or running in Vista?

  • If you have Vista and you are experiencing problems installing NATMAP the problem is with the file: msi_autorun.exe, which is called from autorun.inf. This is what produces the error message
  • Investigation shows that msi_autorun.exe seems to call a file called: 'NatMapRasterViewer.msi', however, testing found that opening the contents of the DVD in Explorer, and directly launching the program 'NatMapRasterViewer.msi' works OK on Vista
  • You will need to install by manually launching NatMapRasterViewer.msi' from Windows Explorer (you may have to search for this file from the DVD).

Problem doing a full install of NATMAP Digital Maps onto PC with Windows 7

Some users have experienced problems undertaking the ‘Full Install’ option (which loads all maps onto the users own PC) in Windows 7 operating system.

NATMAP software was originally built to run on the Windows Operating System (Windows XP) that existed at the time the product was developed. However, subsequent releases of operating systems occasionally create problems for the operation of existing products. The following solution should allow users to fully install map files onto a PC. The solution is to mimic a minimal (called ‘Typical’ in the product) install, use the product’s Map Manager program to then copy the map files to the PC.


  1. remove all previous or attempted installs
  2. install the software to run from the DVD or CD only (use Typical install option - this will load the minimum data onto the PC). This creates the directory structure on the PC and the maps can then be copied from the disks to the relevant locations
  3. when files have been copied to the new file structure on PC (Step 2), access the Map Manager program via Start> Programs> NATMAP Raster. This program allows you to configure the NATMAP Raster program to then access the files from the PC hard disk.

If Map Manager asks to locate the mapdata.txt file (this file points the program to the new location for the maps), you will find this file in the directory above each map image file. Select mapdata.txt and then enter.

User Guide trouble shooting tips

The User Guide also contains useful trouble shooting tips and a list of frequently asked questions.

If you are still having problems after following the above steps, Geoscience Australia offers a limited telephone support service offered to Registered Users for a period of one year from date of purchase for registered products.

Alternately you can contact Geoscience Australia via email at

To assist you, we will need to have the following information:

  • your NATMAP GEOCAT number - listed above the bar code on the rear of your package
  • your Operating System type (including any Service Pack information)
  • your computer specifications (CPU type and speed, amount of RAM, capacity of hard disk)
  • what you were doing when you encountered the problem, including any other software you had running
  • whether the problem only started or occurred recently?
  • details of any other specialist software you have on your computer (especially any GIS, GPS or imaging software)
  • screen dumps (if contacting us via email), or details of any error messages which may appear
  • date of purchase.

The more details you can supply us with, the more likely we will be able to assist with your problem!

If you are reporting an error related to the map content of NATMAP Raster 2005 or NATMAP Digital Maps 2008, please state the map sheet name, number and latitude/longitude coordinates and what the error is.

Topic contact: Last updated: June 17, 2013