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Increasing role for gas in the Australian and global energy mix

Fig 1. Front cover of Australian Gas Resource Assessment 2012.

Geoscience Australia has recently released the Australian Gas Resource Assessment 2012 which was prepared in conjunction with the Bureau of Resources and Energy Economics. This report documents the growth of gas resources and infrastructure developments which underpin the increasing role for gas in the Australian and global energy mix.

Some examples of key elements of the report include the doubling of coal seam gas (CSG) reserves since 2010, information about CSG/liquid natural gas (LNG) projects under construction and the identification of tight and shale gas resources. It also provides information on major offshore conventional gas projects which have recently commenced construction, including Prelude in the Browse Basin, the world's first floating LNG project. The release of the report also coincides with the commencement of operations at Australia's third export LNG project, Pluto, in the Northern Carnarvon Basin.

The report builds on the Australian Energy Resource Assessment (AERA) which was published in March 2010 as a supporting document to the Energy White Paper process. The AERA (Geoscience Australia and Bureau of Agricultural and Resource Economics 2010) is the national prospectus for energy resources.

Since the release of AERA there have been significant changes in gas resources and within the gas market. The report provides an assessment of Australia's gas resources in 2012 and has been released to contribute to the final phase of the White Paper process.

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New geophysical datasets released

Fig 1. Total magnetic intensity image from the Carnarvon Basin North airborne survey.

Data from four onshore and offshore airborne magnetic/radiometric, and elevation surveys and three gravity surveys covering onshore Western Australia have been released since March 2012. These datasets can be interpreted to reveal the sub-surface geology of the survey areas and will be a valuable tool in assessing their mineral potential and improving the understanding of basin provinces.

Figure 1. Total magnetic intensity image from the Carnarvon Basin North airborne survey.

Table 1. Details of the airborne magnetic, radiometric and elevation surveys.



1:250 000 map sheets

Line spacing/terrain clearance/Orientation

Line km


Carnarvon Basin North WA

July 2011–February 2012

Onslow (pt),
Ningaloo (pt),
Yanrey (pt),
Minilya (pt),
Winning Pool (pt),
Quobba (pt),
Kennedy Range (pt)

400 m/
60 m/

106 320

GPX Surveys Pty Ltd.

South Officer 1 WA

June 2010– February 2011

Westwood (pt)
Neale (pt),
Vernon (pt),
Plumridge (pt),
Jubilee (pt)

200 m/
50 m/

180 000

Thomson Aviation Pty Ltd.

South West 1 (Moora) WA

June 2011–February 2012

Moora (pt),
(pt), Perth (pt),
Kellerberrin (pt)

200 m/
50 m/

138 874

Aeroquest Airborne Pty Ltd.

Barrow-Dampier Offshore WA

August 1993–January 1994

SE50-10 (pt),
SE50-11 (pt),
SE50-12 (pt),
SE50-13 (pt),
SE50-14 (pt),
SE50-15 (pt),
Bedout Island (pt),
Barrow Island (pt),
Dampier (pt),
Onslow (pt),
Yarraloola (pt),
Ningaloo (pt),
Yanrey (pt),
SF49-12 (pt)

1000 m/
80m asl/

132 640

World Geoscience Corporation Ltd.

Table 2. Details of the gravity surveys.



1:250 000 map sheets

Station spacing/



Peak Hill–Collier WA

August 2011–February 2012

Newman (pt),
Robertson (pt),
Collier, Bullen (pt),
Peak Hill, Nabberu (pt)

2.5 km/
NS–EW grid


Daishsat Pty Ltd

Eucla SW, Central, East WA

November 2011–April 2012

Balladonia (pt),
Culver (pt),
Naretha (pt),
Loongana, Madura, Burnabbie (pt),
Forrest, Eucla (pt),
Noonaera (pt)

2.5 km/
NS–EW grid

14 703

Atlas Geophysics

Kimberley Road Traverses WA

August 2011–
September 2011

Montague Sound (pt),
Drysdale (pt),
Ashton (pt),
Cambridge Gulf (pt),
Charnley (pt),
Mount Elizabeth (pt),
Lissadell (pt),
Derby (pt),
Lennard River (pt),
Dixon Range (pt),
Noonkanbah (pt),
Mount Ramsay (pt),
Gordon Downs (pt),
Crossland (pt),
Billiluna (pt)

400 m station spacing along 2700 km of gazetted roads


Daishsat Pty Ltd

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Geophysical Archive Data Delivery System (GADDS)

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