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Geothermal Resources in Australia - Status and Research Needs Johnson, J. 2007 01/Mar/2007
Supporting Australia's geothermal industry through provision of precompetitive geoscience data : Geoscience Australia's role Ayling, B.F.Lambert, I.B.Budd, A.R.Holgate, F.L.Gerner, E.Ernst, R. 2007 11/Sep/2007
Direct-use of Geothermal Energy: Opportunities for Australia Ayling, B.F.Budd, A.R.Holgate, F.L.Gerner, E. 2007 13/Nov/2007
Electricity Generation from Geothermal Energy in Australia Ayling, B.F.Budd, A.R.Holgate, F.L.Gerner, E. 2007 13/Nov/2007
Geoscience Australia's Onshore Energy Security Program and Geothermal Energy Project Budd, A.R.Holgate, F.L.Gerner, E.Ayling, B.F. 2007 07/Feb/2008
2008/018 - Proceedings of the Sir Mark Oliphant International Frontiers of Science Australia Geothermal Energy Conference Gurgenci, H.Budd, A.R. 2008 04/Sep/2008
Induced seismicity associated with geothermal power production in Australia Lewis, B.Ayling, B.F.Leonard, M.Budd, A.R. 2008 11/Sep/2008
Mapping Heat Across the Australian Continent Budd, A.R. 2007 08/May/2009
The Cooper Basin Region 3D Map Version 1: A Search for Hot Buried Granites Meixner, A.J.Holgate, F.L. 2009 05/Jun/2009
Hydrocarbon and Geothermal Prospectivity of Sedimentary Basins in Central Australia; Warburton, Cooper, Pedirka, Galilee, Simpson and Eromanga Basins Radke, B. 2009 21/Sep/2009
An assessment of the uranium and geothermal potential of north Queensland Huston, D.L.Ayling, B.F.Connolly, D.P.Lewis, B.Mernagh, T.P.Schofield, A.van der Wielen, S.E. 2010 03/Jun/2010
Proceedings of the 2nd Australian Geothermal Energy Conference, Brisbane, 11-13 November 2009 Budd, A.R.Gurgenci, H. 2009 13/Sep/2010
Heat Flow Interpretations for the Australian Continent: Release 1 Kirkby, A.L.Gerner, E.J. 2010 10/Nov/2010
Proceedings of the 2010 Australian Geothermal Energy Conference Gurgenci, H.Weber, R.D. 2010 21/Feb/2011
Heat Flow Determinations for the Australian Continent: Release 2 Jones, T.Kirkby, A.L.Gerner, E.Weber, R. 2011 27/Jun/2011
Heat Flow Determinations for the Australian Continent: Release 3 Weber, R.Kirkby, A.L.Gerner, E. 2011 01/Jul/2011
Proceedings of the 2011 Australian Geothermal Energy Conference Budd, A.R. 2011 10/Nov/2011