National Intertidal Digital Elevation Model

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Tidal flats of Roebuck Bay, on the coast of the Kimberley region of Western Australia, visualised in three dimensions using NIDEM intertidal elevation data.

The National Intertidal Digital Elevation Model (NIDEM) is a national dataset that maps the three-dimensional structure of Australia’s intertidal zone - the area of coastline exposed and flooded by ocean tides. The intertidal zone supports many important but threated ecological habitats including tidal flats, sandy beaches, and rocky shores and reefs.

NIDEM provides a first-of-its kind source of intertidal elevation data for Australia’s entire coastline. It is anticipated that NIDEM will assist in mapping the habitats of threatened coastal species, identifying areas of coastal erosion, planning for extreme events such as storm surges and flooding, and improving models of how sea level rise will affect the Australian coastline.

Further information

  • View and access product interpretation tools via NationalMap. Select Add data, and then the Surface Water and Marine/Coastal/Intertidal elevation model theme.
  • Download the data and product information