Exploring for the Future is an Australian Government program, led by Geoscience Australia, dedicated to exploring Australia’s resource potential and boosting investment.

Launched in 2016 with $100.5 million in funding, the program initially focused on northern Australia. In June 2020, the Australian Government announced an additional $125 million of funding, over four years, to expand the program across the whole of Australia.

Geoscience Australia's leading scientists are using innovative techniques to gather new scientific data and information, on an unprecedented scale, about the potential mineral, energy and groundwater resources concealed beneath the surface.

The program involves data acquisition using geophysical surveys, geochemical sampling, hydrological mapping and stratigraphic drilling. Data collected is analysed and integrated to provide a holistic picture of the mineral, energy and groundwater resources. The program initially focused on northern Australia, and data gathered through the existing program is available to public via the EFTF Portal. This data – and data that will be gathered in the coming years – is expected to inform policy and planning decisions within government and industry, and encourage industry investment in Australia's vast resources.

Project activities during the existing program (northern Australia)

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This map shows the current Exploring for the Future activities across northern Australia.
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Program partners

Geoscience Australia is working with a range of stakeholders, including state and territory government agencies, local councils, pastoral leaseholders, local indigenous groups, and Land Councils to deliver the program. This collaboration will be expanded as the focus of the program is broadened to include the whole of Australia.