Case Studies

Mapping the Australian Tectonic Plate Thickness

6 May 2020

Sustainable development and transition to cleaner energy sources is placing ever-increasing demand on global supplies of base metals (copper, zinc, lead and nickel) and co-produced critical minerals (eg cobalt, germanium).

New Exploration in the East Tennant Area

6 May 2020

Mineral exploration is a necessary activity for the continued success of the mining sector in Australia. It has a public good attribute, which means the socially optimal level of exploration activity is greater than the level of exploration activity that would be generated in a pure private market.

Kidson Sub-Basin Prospectivity

6 May 2020

The onshore Canning Basin is a large, predominantly Palaeozoic basin which has minor oil and gas production. Despite widespread shows in different geological settings that indicate that there are at least four active petroleum systems, the basin is significantly underexplored for hydrocarbon resources.