Minerals Systems

The Northern Australia Hydrogeochemical Survey: aquifer lithologies, local backgrounds and under-cover processes

I. Schroder, P. de Caritat and L. Wallace

Alteration of mafic igneous rocks of the southern McArthur Basin: comparison with the Mount Isa region and implications for basin-hosted base metal deposits

D. C. Champion, D. L. Huston, E. Bastrakov, C. Siegel, J. Thorne, G. M. Gibson and J. Hauser

Lithospheric-scale controls on zinc-lead-silver deposits of the North Australian Zinc Belt: evidence from isotopic and geophysical data

D. L. Huston, D. C. Champion, K. Czarnota, M. Hutchens, M.Hoggard, B. Ware, F. Richards, S. Tessalina, G. M. Gibson and G. Carr

Minerals on the edge: Sediment-hosted base metal endowment above steps in lithospheric thickness

K. Czarnota, M. J. Hoggard , F. D. Richards, M. Teh, D. L. Huston, A. L. Jaques and S. Ghelichkhan

Identification of a new ca. 1660 Ma Au-Cu-Bi metallogenic event at Tennant Creek

R. G. Skirrow, A. J. Cross, C. W. Magee, A. Lecomte and J. Mercadier

Data integration for greenfields exploration: an example from the East Tennant region, Northern Territory

A. Schofield, A. Clark, M. P. Doublier, J. Murr, R. Skirrow, J. Goodwin, A. J. Cross, L. Pitt, J. Duan, W. Jiang, P. Wynne, A. O’Rourke, K. Czarnota and I. C. Roach

Tennant Creek – Mount Isa IOCG Mineral Potential Assessment

J. Murr, R. G. Skirrow, A. Schofield, J. Goodwin, R. Coghlan, L. Highet, M. P. Doublier, J. Duan and K. Czarnota

Economic Fairways Assessments across Northern Australia

M. W. Haynes, S. D. C. Walsh, K. Czarnota, S. A. Northey and M. Yellishetty