Australia’s Future Energy Resources

This continental-scale project is evaluating the potential for new energy commodities hosted within sedimentary basins, including oil, natural gas and hydrogen, to support Australia’s transition to a low carbon economy.

The current status of knowledge of petroleum geology and exploration history in several underexplored and frontier basins will be captured to expand the national basin inventory.

The project aims to unlock the potential of underexplored sedimentary basins in central Australia (e.g., Pedirka, Simpson, Warburton, western Eromanga). In many of these basins exploration drilling failed to make commercial discoveries but did confirm the presence of active petroleum systems. Examining why past exploration failed will shed new light on these basins and potentially identify new exploration opportunities.

The project is evaluating the feasibility of enhanced oil recovery using carbon dioxide to boost Australia’s petroleum resource potential while economically storing greenhouse gases.

To stimulate the hydrogen industry, new geological storage sites are being investigated for hydrogen fuel storage including salt accumulations. The utility of geothermal resources in deep-seated aquifers is being assessed for hydrogen production. Importantly, the economics of blue, green, and natural sources of hydrogen are being assessed to inform investment and government policy.