Australia’s Resources Framework

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This continental-scale project will lay the foundations for a national scale view of Australia’s subsurface geology, bringing together a wide range of geoscientific disciplines to improve our knowledge of mineral, energy and groundwater systems. This will feed into tailored resource assessments which will also provide national leadership through the standardisation of geoscientific data and the application of big data analytics to support the resource sector, agriculture, remote communities, the environment and to a lesser extent community safety.

To build this national framework, large scale data acquisition will be combined with a holistic integration and interpretation of multiple geological, geochemical and geophysical properties (for example seismic velocity and electrical conductivity), from the top centimetres to hundreds of kilometres below the Earth’s surface. As this framework is developed, this project will assess resource potential within the deep dive areas, then more broadly across southern Australia. In addition, the project will predict critical mineral resources, including an assessment of mine waste sites. National-scale geochemical and mineral deposit geochronology and databases will be developed and integrated to better understand mineral, energy and groundwater systems, leading to stronger data driven resource models.

Proposed key activities include continued development of fundamental flagship datasets such as AusAEM, AusArray, AusLAMP, geochemistry, geochronology and the isotopic atlas. Analysis of these data will feed into interpretative products such as multi-layered sub-surface models that will support evidence-based decision-making by governments and land managers and encourage new industry investment.