Australia’s Resources Framework

This continental-scale project is laying the foundations for a national view of Australia’s surface and subsurface geology, underpinning our understanding of the continent’s mineral, energy and groundwater potential. Through new, large-scale data acquisition, advances in big data analytics and tailored resource assessments, the outputs of this project support the resource sector, agriculture, remote communities and the environment, and contribute to community safety.

Key data acquisition activities include continued development of fundamental national datasets such as AusAEMAusArrayAusLAMP, geochemistry, mineralogy, geochronology and the Isotopic Atlas. Targeted data acquisition programs include deposit geochronology and geochemical analysis of mine waste for critical minerals.

Analysis of new and legacy datasets is feeding into interpretative products such as seamless multi-layered sub-surface geology models including variations in geochemical and geophysical properties, from the top few centimetres to hundreds of kilometres below the Earth’s surface. This evolving geological framework will shed new light on processes that control mineral, energy and groundwater distribution and thereby resource potential across Australia.