South Nicholson National Drilling Initiative

NDI Carrara 1

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Location of the NDI Carrara 1 stratigraphic drill hole and South Nicholson (L210) and Barkly (L212) seismic survey lines across the South Nicholson region.

The South Nicholson National Drilling Initiative (NDI) Carrara 1 stratigraphic drill hole was completed in late 2020, as a collaboration between Geoscience Australia, the Northern Territory Geological Survey (NTGS) and the MinEx CRC. NDI Carrara 1 is the first drill hole to intersect the as yet undifferentiated Proterozoic rocks of the newly discovered Carrara Sub-basin. NDI Carrara 1 is located on the western flanks of the Carrara Sub-basin on the South Nicholson seismic line (17GA-SN1), reaching a total depth of 1751 m, intersecting ca. 630 m of Cambrian Georgina Basin overlying ca. 1100 m of Proterozoic carbonates, black shales and minor siliciclastics.

The NDI Carrara 1 provides unique insights into the energy and mineral resource potential of this frontier region.


  • As part of the Exploring for the Future program, Geoscience Australia is undertaking a range of investigations into the lithology, stratigraphy and geotechnical properties of NDI Carrara 1 based on wireline data, as well as undertaking a range of analyses on over 400 physical samples distributed through the entire core. These analyses include geochronology, isotope studies, mineralogy, inorganic and organic geochemistry, petrophysics, geomechanics, thermal maturity, and petroleum systems investigations. Routine samples (and planned targeted samples) collected by Geoscience Australia, including planned analyses are available at the downloadable spreadsheet [XLSX 96.5 KB].
  • Hylogger data is available at the Northern Territory Geological Survey’s Geoscience Exploration and Mining Information System (GEMIS) webpage.
  • Sample and core photos

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