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This deep-dive project is delivering new data and knowledge to assess mineral and groundwater potential and support water management across western New South Wales and Victoria, eastern South Australia and northwest Tasmania.

The Curnamona Province hosts the world-class Broken Hill lead-zinc-silver-gold mine that has operated continually since 1885, underpinning much of the local economy. The Delamerian Orogen, which flanks the Curnamona Province in New South Wales and South Australia and extends through Victoria into Tasmania, also hosts high quality mineral deposits. This project is assessing the mineral potential undercover in the Curnamona Province and Delamerian Orogen with the aim of identifying new mineral fields that could augment the Broken Hill resource and create new mining activity in south-eastern Australia.

The project is also investigating the groundwater potential of overlying basins, including the Murray-Darling Basin, with a focus on the upper Darling River floodplain. In the Darling region, potable water supply to some towns is threatened during dry periods, and shallow saline groundwater threatens the ecosystem health of the Darling River. The project seeks to identify new groundwater resources and assess the potential for groundwater storage in the region to support groundwater management and improve drought resilience in communities.