Geoscience Knowledge Sharing

This project is supporting the program in enhancing and establishing relationships with our diverse stakeholders, building a step-change in our engagement with the communities where the program operates, including remote and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities, farmers and rural towns. By building knowledge and understanding, the project is key to the delivery of benefits for all Australians from the program.

A major aspect is the communication of the program’s activities and benefits, with a particular focus on ensuring communities have the knowledge to provide informed consent about program activities in their region. This includes working closely with schools and teachers on science education and launching an innovative mobile learning laboratory.

The project is founded on the principles of genuine engagement and two-way communication and knowledge sharing. This includes an exciting initiative to discover what remote and Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities can teach Geoscience Australia about the rocks and landscapes being studied as part of the program. The project will also facilitate the program to follow CARE1 principles for Indigenous Data Governance.

1 CARE: Collective benefit, Authorised control, Responsibility and Ethics.