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This deep-dive project is investigating the groundwater and energy potential of the Officer Basin and neighbouring Musgrave Province near the junction of South Australia, Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Recent studies in the region revealed pockets of potable groundwater in ancient, buried river valleys (palaeovalleys). This project is establishing the extent and characteristics of these palaeovalleys, to enable sustainable management of the groundwater resources. This potential new source of water could be transformative for communities in the region, which currently rely on unpredictable, hard-rock aquifers.

The project is also filling knowledge gaps in the energy potential of this under-explored region through reanalysis of new and legacy pre-competitive geoscience datasets. Historic drilling along the edges of the Officer Basin has identified numerous shows of hydrocarbons, but the deepest and potentially most prospective parts of the Basin remain untested. Stratigraphic drilling will provide critical new information about the energy potential of this frontier region, reducing investment risks to encourage exploration and support regional communities.