Using Location Index

The Location Index provides a simple, fast, robust and repeatable method for linking data around location, enabling users to confidently and consistently access information about the relationship between features without needing specialised data or GIS tools. Rather, they need the identifiers of the features (or grid cells) they are interested in. Through these identifiers, the users can then use the Location Index database to lookup ‘within’, ‘contains’, ‘equals’, and ‘overlaps’ relationships with other features for their features of interest.

A key part of the Location Index project is developing the infrastructure needed to support this linking of data.

  • The Location Index project is creating standards for successful development, implementation and maintenance. This includes persistent identifiers, vocabularies and ontologies to allow information to become linked data.
  • The Location Index project is seeking feedback from your organisation to inform its operating standards and use policies.

Visit the Technical resources page for links to the Location Index APIs and tools.