Public Talks Archive

A selection of the following public talks have been filmed and are available online for on demand viewing after the presentation.

Applications of Copernicus satellites to service low impact agriculture in Australia: transferring and adapting European Earth Observation expertise

29th September 2021

COALA: Copernicus satellite applications and services for agriculture in Australia is the work of a consortium of 11 partners from Europe and Australia to transfer and adapt EO-based technology and services from Europe to the Australian context.

Ginan: Geoscience Australia’s Positioning Toolkit and precise point positioning correction service

22nd September 2021

Ginan is a GNSS software tool kit capable of producing correction messages that allow users with compatible GNSS receivers and an internet connection to calculate position accuracies of a few centimetres.

The Power of Where: the value of geodesy to society

8th September 2021

Every day, humanity benefits from geodesy. Geodesy is the science of measuring the size, shape, orientation and gravity field of our planet and it is a foundation for evidence-based policies, decisions and program delivery.

Flood vulnerability research at Geoscience Australia

1st September 2021

This talk presents an overview of flood vulnerability research at Geoscience Australia and its utility in informing community flood risk reduction. It covers work looking at tangible and intangible costs, as well as assessing the cost-effectiveness of structural mitigation options.

AusSeabed: Three years of coordinating seabed mapping efforts - are we there yet?

25th August 2021

AusSeabed has brought the Australian ocean mapping community together to coordinate efforts and maximise benefits to stakeholders and end-users through workshops and web services. This talk will cover the program’s progress, highlights and work plan.

Food by Geoscience Design! The geoscience of food, from tectonic plates to dinner plates

18th August 2021

For National Science Week 2021, we present four talks demonstrating how geoscience is integral to the provision of our food. This will change the way that you think about what you eat and drink and how it links to the Earth and the science of our planet.

CO2 Storage in Australia: Mitigating Emissions and Securing Future Energy Resources

4th August 2021

Carbon capture and storage can help mitigate elevated CO2 concentrations in the atmosphere. Research work that has been conducted at Geoscience Australia will be presented.

Smoothing out the wrinkles in Australia's aging Vertical Datum: developing a modern height datum for modern positioning systems

28th July 2021

The Australian Height Datum is inaccurate, degrading and was never intended to be used with modern positioning technology. We present the Australian Vertical Working Surface – a shiny new alternative vertical datum that’s more accurate, future proof and directly compatible with GPS.

Minerals to Meteorites: a journey into the National Mineral & Fossil Collection and recent activities

9th June 2021

From minerals to meteorites, this presentation will delve into the amazing specimens held at the National Mineral & Fossil Collection, as well as our recent achievements and diverse stakeholders.

Investigating Australia’s under cover geology using the world’s largest airborne electromagnetic survey

16th June 2021

The AusAEM is the world’s largest airborne electromagnetic survey, offering geoscientists a non-invasive, cost effective geophysical technique for investigating Australia’s under cover geology, and has implications for minerals, energy and groundwater.

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