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A selection of the following public talks have been filmed and are available online for on demand viewing after the presentation.

Minerals to Meteorites: a journey into the National Mineral & Fossil Collection and recent activities

9th June 2021

From minerals to meteorites, this presentation will delve into the amazing specimens held at the National Mineral & Fossil Collection, as well as our recent achievements and diverse stakeholders.

Investigating Australia’s under cover geology using the world’s largest airborne electromagnetic survey

16th June 2021

The AusAEM is the world’s largest airborne electromagnetic survey, offering geoscientists a non-invasive, cost effective geophysical technique for investigating Australia’s under cover geology, and has implications for minerals, energy and groundwater.

Time and Tide: Mapping Australia's dynamic coastal zone through time and space using Digital Earth Australia

2nd June 2021

Hear how novel satellite data methods can help better understand & monitor Australia's vast coast.

The Positioning Australia Program – Delivering a National Positioning Capability

26th May 2021

Hear how we’re collaborating with industry and overcoming challenges to deliver free and open access to the infrastructure required to enable a national positioning capability. Ryan Ruddick and Amy Peterson will share the success experienced by the Positioning Australia Program.

Space Weather and its Impacts: Numerical Modelling From the Sun to Earth

19th May 2021

The near-Earth space environment is highly variable, driven by changes in the Sun, seasons, lower atmosphere, and even human activity. This space weather impacts both satellites and ground-based technology. The talk will outline the physics of the Sun-Earth system and numerical modelling aiming to capture its variations.

Convergent margin metallogenic cycles: a window to secular changes in Earth’s tectonic evolution

28th April 2021

Temporal and spatial distributions of convergent margin ore deposits with time reflect changes in tectonics. The data indicate stagnant-lid tectonics prior to 3100 Ma, shallow-breakoff subduction at 3100-800 Ma, and deep-breakoff subduction after 800 Ma.

Aboriginal People and Groundwater

21st April 2021

Assoc. Professor Bradley Moggridge (University of Canberra) explores the relationship between Aboriginal people and groundwater via his Masters thesis (2005) and a recent paper in a special issue of the Proceedings of the Royal Society of Queensland.

Second phase of the Exploring for the Future Program (2020-2024)

31st March 2021

Geoscience Australia's Exploring for the Future Program is supporting a strong economy, resilient society and sustainable environment. Here is our exciting 3.5 year plan for integrated pre-competitive geoscience to support mineral, energy and groundwater.

Mapping Australia’s hydrogen future – release of the Hydrogen Economic Fairways Tool

24th March 2021

Geoscience Australia in collaboration with Monash University is releasing the Hydrogen Economic Fairways Tool, a free online tool to help find the best regions to make clean hydrogen. Discover the tool’s capabilities and what’s next for hydrogen at GA.

The Flying Hellfish Digital Journey

10th March 2021

Learn how automation, digital culture, and cloud shaped our journey to digital science.

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