What goes up must come down: Why is Australia sinking?

Presented by: Anna Riddell

Motion of the Australian continent has been well studied in the horizontal direction, but there are minimal studies considering the vertical motion. Recent measurements using the Global Positioning System (GPS) suggest that the Australian continent is sinking, but current understanding of geophysical processes suggests that the expected vertical motion of the plate should be close to zero or uplifting.

Understanding how the surface of the earth changes has many important applications like the response of the earth system to climate and sea level change, and resource availability. This presentation will explore how the Australian plate is moving and what that means for applications of precise positioning.

An interest for science and the changing size and shape of the Earth, piqued Anna’s curiosity leading her to undertake a degree in Surveying and Spatial Sciences at the University of Tasmania. Upon completion of her degree, Anna was successful in gaining a graduate placement at Geoscience Australia. Recently, Anna has submitted her PhD thesis on research about how the Australian continent is moving.

Date: 15th July 2020
Time: 11am – 12pm AEDT
Location: Webinar
Cost/bookings: Free, Please register via the 'Register Now' button on the Public Talks homepage
Audience: General, Technical
More information: talks@ga.gov.au

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This talk is presented as part of the Distinguished Geoscience Australia Lecturer series. For video recordings of seminars please visit our Videos on Demand page.