New Gazetteer of Australia released

11 December 2013

If you want to travel over to Valhalla, you don't have to visit Scandinavia, or die in battle - you just need to anglicise the spelling to Walhalla and visit Victoria's Gippsland.

Walhalla is located 182 kilometres east of Melbourne at latitude 37° 55' 52'' south and longitude 146° 27' 07" east and is just one of the many urban areas and other locations listed in the latest edition of the Gazetteer of Australia.

Others among the more than 374 000 entries with an international flavour include London Bridge (there are six in New South Wales), Cardiff, a Swansea in five states and Texas in southern Queensland.

The latest edition of the Gazetteer of Australia is the authoritative source for the location and spelling of approved place names for Australia and its territories and is the ultimate resource for any application which requires the names and locations of Australian towns and cities, natural or built features and administrative areas.

Geoscience Australia compiled the data on behalf of the Intergovernmental Committee for Surveying and Mapping (ICSM) from information supplied by Australian, state and territory naming authorities.

The Gazetteer of Australia is available through Geoscience Australia's Place Name Search and the relevant data is available as a free download.

The data is available under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Australia licence which allows the data to be copied, distributed, transmitted and adapted for any purposes with the only requirement being that Geoscience Australia is attributed as the source of the data.