Edition 6 - Meet Dan Connelly

Dan works for Geoscience Australia in the Australian Tsunami Warning Centre.

What's your job title?
I'm a duty seismologist, which means that I monitor and assess earthquakes around the world, so that Australians have enough warning of potential tsunami-producing earthquakes.

Describe a typical day, week, month.
Very atypical. Working to a shift roster means I need more flexibility and preparation, but I get a lot more days off too so that evens out the randomness.

What sort of dress code do you have to follow in your profession?
On day shift: smart business attire On night shift: barefoot, singlet and shorts - ah, just kidding.

Who were your heroes when you were young?
I always liked my footy growing up. I guess Mal Meninga, Wally Lewis and Alfie Langer. Also Gary Ablett from Geelong was good too, back when I played AFL.

When did you know you wanted to work in this profession?
Some things in life are so unpredictable. I knew I wanted to work in this profession when I applied for the job! Turns out it was the best career move I could have made. I love working here!

Give us some advice for people who want to follow your path, and add three things never to do in this business.
Advice: Learn to trust yourself. Be confident.

Three things never to do in this business?

  1. Never assume you know everything there is to know. There is always more.
  2. Never rush into a situation without doing your research. A few minutes late, but right, is always better.
  3. Never sleep on the job.

If you could trade places with any other person for a week, with whom would it be?
Maybe Mick Jagger or some other exceedingly wealthy rock star. I would spend six days partying, and then give all my money to the real me on the last day.

If you only had six months to live, what would you do with the time?
After I got life insurance to make sure my family would cope financially, I would probably (due to my poor planning skills) spend five months thinking about it, then one month wishing I had more time. Just kidding; maybe a couple of nice things for myself and as a family, but then something that others would enjoy. I'll die anyway, maybe charity work?