Link to Australian Geographic Reference Image (AGRI)Australian Geographic Reference Image (AGRI)
A national mosaic which provides a spatially correct reference image at a 2.5 metre resolution across Australia.
Link to Australian Reflectance Grid (ARG25)Australian Reflectance Grid (ARG25)
Medium resolution (25m) surface reflectance grid product derived from Landsat imagery.
Link to Dynamic Land Cover Dataset (DLCD)Dynamic Land Cover Dataset (DLCD)
Continent-scale annual maps of every 25-metre square of Australia’s vegetation cover since 1988.

Link to Fractional Cover (FC25)Fractional Cover (FC25)
A medium resolution (25m) grid representation of the proportions of green or photosynthetic vegetation, non-photosynthetic vegetation, and bare surface cover across Australia.

Link to Landcover 25 - Water (Water Observations from Space)Water Observations from Space (WOfS)
A summary of the permanence of open water within water bodies, including reservoirs, rivers, lakes, and wetlands.
Link to PQ25Pixel Quality (PQ25)
An accompaniment product which is designed to facilitate interpretation and processing of the Australian Reflectance Grid 25 and Fractional Cover 25 products.
Link to Sentinel HotspotsDigital Earth Australia Hotspots
Point data derived from satellite based instruments that detect unusually high temperatures, available as historical data as well as daily service feed.
Link to Archival Aerial PhotographyArchival Aerial Photography
Historical photographs of Australian continent acquired over a period of 70 years and dating back to 1928.