Australian Geomagnetism Report


The Australian Geomagnetism Report series describes instrumentation and activities, and presents monthly and annual mean magnetic values, plots of hourly mean magnetic values and K indices at the magnetic observatories and repeat stations operated by Geoscience Australia.

Online Australian Geomagnetism Reports

Monthly Report series information

This report series began in September 1952 with the publication of the monthly 'Observatory Report'. The publication title was soon changed to the 'Geophysical Observatory Report' which continued to be published monthly from January 1953 (Volume 1, No. 1) until December 1989 (Volume 37, No. 12).

The title changed to the 'Australian Geomagnetism Report' in January 1990 (Volume 38, No. 1) and was published monthly under that name until December 1992 (Volume 40, No. 12).

The monthly issues of the report series contained k indices, preliminary monthly mean values and scalings of magnetic storms and rapid variation phenomena.

Annual Report series information

Still with the 'Australian Geomagnetism Report' title, annual publication began with 1993 data (Volume 41). The annual volumes contain more information than the monthly series, including detailed operational information for each observatory, data summaries and plots, details of instrumentation and more.

Volume 46 for 1998 was the final volume to be distributed in printed format. Subsequent volumes will only be available electronically and are available for download above.