AusGeo News  June 2011  Issue No. 102

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Spreading the word about geoscience

Fig 1. 'Man and penguin, Antarctica' by Chris Carson was one of the winning entries in the 2010 Top GeoShot competition.

Geoscience Australia continues to offer extensive education and outreach programs to promote awareness and knowledge of the Earth sciences, and the contribution geoscience makes to the Australian economy, resource management and environmental protection.

Outreach programs, such as Open Day, and participation in activities to celebrate National Science Week and Earth Science Week, aim to raise awareness and promote the work that Geoscience Australia undertakes.

Geoscience Australia's Open Day will be held on Sunday 21 August 2011. It is an opportunity for interested members of the public to visit the agency's headquarters at Symonston, ACT, and will coincide with National Science Week celebrations. A range of displays, tours and activities will showcase how the agency's research is being applied to some of the major challenges facing Australia today. Building and laboratory tours, an Antarctic experience, a walk back in time, water sample taste testing, rock identification, gold panning and exploding volcanoes are some of the activities planned for the day.

Figure 1. 'Man and penguin, Antarctica' by Chris Carson was one of the winning entries in the 2010 Top GeoShot competition.

Earth Science Week is an international initiative to promote the Earth sciences and raise awareness of the contribution geoscience makes to the community. This year's theme is 'Our ever-changing Earth' and celebrations will be held from 9 to15 October 2011. Geoscience Australia has participated in Earth Science Week activities for 13 years and has hosted Australia's Earth Science Week website and coordinated celebrations across Australia. Geoscience Australia will celebrate this year's event by acknowledging the 100th anniversary of Mawson's expedition to Antarctica.

In the lead up to Earth Science Week, Geoscience Australia also hosts two competitions: the Geologi short film competition and the Top GeoShot photographic competition.

The Geologi short film competition is in its fifth year and is hosted by Geoscience Australia and the Australian Science Teachers Association. The theme for this year's competition is 'Geology and you'. It is open for individuals, groups or classes from any Australian primary or secondary school to submit a short film that explores the affect on the individual or community of natural hazards, rocks and minerals, geological history, local geology or recent geoscience research.

The Top GeoShot photographic competition is open to members of the public. It aims to produce a collection of images that capture the essence of Earth science in Australia and amateur photographers are invited to submit their photographs (figure 1). This year's winning entries (or 'TopShots') will be announced during Earth Science Week and will be on display in the foyer of the Geoscience Australia building.

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