Geoscience Australia provides professional hydrogeological advice and information to the Australian, State and Territory Governments, natural resource management authorities and the community on a variety of groundwater resource issues.

Basics - Groundwater
Learn about groundwater, how it occurs and how this valuable natural resource is extracted and used.
Our Capabilities - Groundwater
An outline of Geoscience Australia's capabilities in the area of groundwater.
Groundwater in Australia
Describes the types of aquifers found in Australia and where they occur.
Great Artesian Basin Water Resource Assessment
Access the reports and data produced for the Assessment.
Understanding Groundwater Resources
Extensive information associated with groundwater resources, and processes for assessing and using groundwater.
Governance - Groundwater
Information on the legislation and standards associated with groundwater use in Australia.
Related Organisations - Groundwater
Details of other organisations related to the area of groundwater.

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