Policy and Guidelines - Hazards

Geoscience Australia plays a pivotal role in disaster risk reduction through developing and providing scientific analysis of hazard risks and impacts for emergency managers and decision makers.

Geoscience Australia supports a comprehensive, co-ordinated and collaborative approach to enhancing disaster resilience and plays an important role in national natural hazard initiatives, and also those across the Asia-Pacific region.

The centrepiece for the strategic enhancement of natural disaster resilience in Australia is the National Risk Assessment Framework which stems from work initiated under the Disaster Mitigation Australia Package, and is being continued through the Natural Disaster Resilience Program.

The National Risk Assessment Framework comprises the following:

  • Implementation Plan
  • Natural Hazards in Australia report
  • Natural Hazards Online
  • National Emergency Risk Assessment Guidelines

Geoscience Australia works with Australian Government agencies including the Attorney-General's Department External site link, Department of Climate Change and Energy Efficiency External site link and AusAID External site link. Geoscience Australia also works with State and Local government agencies to assist communities to be better able to withstand the effects of disasters and provides expert advice through a range of national committees.

Our work relates to policies and programs including:

Additional hazard related policy and guidelines information:

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