Marine and Coastal

Information regarding Australia's coasts and estuaries, seabed mapping and Antarctica.

Geoscience Australia’s Marine Strategy 2018–2023

This document sets out the five year strategy for the marine geoscience program at Geoscience Australia, for the period 2018–2023.

Wave-dominated beach-Lighthouse beach (AusGeo News)

Australia's Coasts and Estuaries

Coasts and estuaries form a dynamic, transition zone between the land and the sea and help Australians achieve many economic, social and environmental benefits.

Australia's Maritime Jurisdiction in the Arafura and Coral Seas

Australia's Marine Jurisdiction

As an island continent, Australia has sovereign rights over a vast area of ocean, along with the fishery, mineral, and petroleum resources found in that area.

coastal survey

Marine and Coastal Survey Techniques

Details on the techniques used in marine and coastal research, including sediment coring, seabed drilling, sonar, seismic, biological sampling, photography and video recording.

Seabed Mapping

Seabed Mapping

An outline of the spatial and statistical modelling methods of biophysical variables, and the physical surrogates for biodiversity.



The Australian Antarctic Territory (AAT) comprises 5.9 million square kilometres, or approximately 42 per cent of the Antarctic continent, with a marine jurisdiction extending over an area of approximately 2.2 million square kilometres.

Interactive Maps

Information regarding Australia's sea floor, coasts and estuaries.