Our Capabilities - Hazards

Our commitment

Geoscience Australia is committed to building the scientific capacity for a range of natural hazard risk and impact analyses which emergency managers and decision makers can utilise for planning and preparation through to response and recovery.

Our capabilities

  • We use advanced modelling and analysis techniques to simulate the impacts of given natural or man-made disaster events on current and future communities
  • We model many individual scenarios to reach a comprehensive understanding of the vast range of possible future disaster events, their impacts, and the relative chance of each of these occurring
  • We work with the Australian Government nationally to estimate the economic and environmental impacts on the built environment from projected changes in sea-level and increased storminess
  • We are constructing consistent national information on residential, commercial, industrial buildings and infrastructure systems for engineering-based modelling of exposed elements affected by disaster events
  • We take a multi-disciplinary approach, combining expertise from science, engineering, system modelling, spatial analysis, economics and demographics to develop vulnerability and risk assessment tools and resources
  • We assess the physical impacts on infrastructure and simulate the dependency relationships among infrastructure sectors such as energy and water supply systems.

Earth monitoring capabilities

  • We collaborate with national and international agencies in the monitoring of international earthquakes, volcanoes and nuclear explosions
  • We monitor national earthquakes and provide advice and alerts to the Australian Government and the public on earthquakes in Australia
  • We operate an Australian tsunami warning system, support international efforts in the establishment of an Indian Ocean tsunami warning system and contribute to tsunami warnings for the South West Pacific
  • We assist the Rabaul Volcanological Observatory in Papua New Guinea monitor volcanoes and warn citizens of volcanic eruptions.

Topic contact: hazards@ga.gov.au Last updated: July 9, 2013