Flood Basics

Discover how we define floods including a glossary of flood terms, learn what causes floods and where they occur; and browse the image gallery.

Research Reports - Floods

Find Geoscience Australia's flood related reports and articles online.

National Flood Risk Information Project

The National Flood Risk Information Project (NFRIP) will develop an information portal and guidelines covering the collection, comparability and reporting of flood risk information.

Australian Flood Risk Information Portal

Search the Australian Flood Risk Information Portal and access the data entry application for the Australian Flood Studies Database. The portal provides a central point of access to published flood studies and the associated spatial data. Find out more about the Portal.

Water Observations from Space

Geoscience Australia maps historical surface water observations across the Australian continent from satellite imagery. This web service shows where water is usually present compared to where it is seldom observed to help understand where inundation may have occurred - from 1987 to present day.