Digital Elevation Data

Australia’s future safety, prosperity and sustainability depends on making informed policy and investment decisions that meet the needs of today, and the decades ahead. Digital elevation data which describes Australia’s landforms and seabed is crucial for addressing issues relating to the impacts of climate change, disaster management, water security, environmental management, urban planning and infrastructure design. Geoscience Australia is working collaboratively across all levels of government, industry and academia to ensure decision makers, investors and communities have access to the best available elevation data to meet local, regional and national needs.

National Elevation Data Framework (NEDF)

National Elevation Data Framework
Ensuring decision makers, investors and the community have access to the best available elevation data describing Australia’s landforms and sea bed to address the needs of today and the decades ahead.
2011 Audit of High Resolution Coastal Elevation Data in Australia
An audit of high resolution elevation data capture in relation to densely populated areas.
2011 National Elevation Data Audit
The 2011 National Elevation Audit is a series of maps illustrating the areas where elevation data has been captured or will be completed until the end of 2012 and their relative vertical accuracy.

Online data

National Elevation Data Framework (NEDF) Portal
Search, discover and access elevation data for Australia. Become part of the elevation data community. Contact us if you are planning to invest in elevation data.
Geophysical Archive Data Delivery System
This system provides magnetic, radiometric, gravity and digital elevation data from Australian National, State and Territory Government geophysical data archives.

Packaged data

GEODATA 9 Second DEM and D8 Flow Direction Grid 2008 Version 3.0
The national 9 second (~250m) national DEM and flow direction grid describing the principal directions of surface drainage across the whole of Australia.
SRTM-derived 3 Second Digital Elevation Models Version 1.0
The 3 second (~90m) DEMs package contains three models derived from the 1 second products, DSM, DEM and DEM-S.
SRTM-derived 1 Second Digital Elevation Models Version 1.0
The national 1 second (~30m) DEMs suite contains three publicly released national models; Digital Elevation Model (DEM), Smoothed DEM (DEM-S) and Hydrologically Enforced DEM (DEM-H). These 1 second products are a significant improvement on the Shuttle Radar Topographic Mission (SRTM) digital surface model (DSM) from which they were derived.
SRTM-derived 1 Second Digital Surface Model (DSM) Version 1.0
The national 1 second (~30m) digital surface model (DSM) represents ground surface topography and other features including vegetation and man-made features such as buildings. Derived from NASA’s SRTM data, this DSM had been processed to remove artifacts and errors inherent to the data.
This data is restricted for GOVERNMENT USE ONLY.