Geodetic Calculation Methods

Online calculations and downloadable spreadsheets to perform geodetic calculations

Detailed information about the spreadsheets and formulae used in all calculations listed below can be found in the Geocentric Datum of Australia Technical Manual .

Note: Read the documentation describing the distance calculation algorithms to decide which method best suits your requirements.

Distance calculations

Calculate Great Circle distances using latitude and longitude.


Calculate bearing and distance from latitude and longitude

Use Vincenty's formulae to calculate distance and bearing from latitude and longitude and vice versa.


Convert from latitude and longitude to UTM coordinates


Use Redfearn's formulae to convert between latitude and longitude and UTM coordinates and vice versa.


Transformation of coordinates

The following are available for download but are not yet available as online calculations.

  • High Accuracy Transformation Grids - Recommended method (only available for use within Australia)          
  • Medium Accuracy 3 Dimensional Similarity Transformation         
  • Low Accuracy Block Shift