Calibration of compasses and magnetometers

Geoscience Australia can provide a calibration service of magnetic direction finding equipment and magnetometers. We operate a network of magnetic observatories in Australia and Australian Antarctic Territory where the maintenance of precise and highly accurate magnetometers is essential. We can compare clients’ direction finding equipment with observatory standards to determine if corrections are required to equipment.

Diurnal variations of the background magnetic field are taken into account, as these are monitored continuously at the observatories. We can determine the relative axis orientations and sensitivity of the magnetometers by using the National Magnetic Calibration Facility at Canberra’s Observatory. A well calibrated 3-axis set of large coils resides at this observatory.

Calibration services are provided at standard cost recovery rates.

Calibration coils at Geoscience Australia’s National Magnetic Calibration Facility. The 12 coils are arranged along three orthogonal axes and occupy a volume of about 3 cubic meters.

National Magnetic Calibration
Facility at the Canberra Observatory