Updated: 1 December 2007

2.3.3 Pondage Areas Example 5

Location of Example: 144°12'09" East, 35°21'36" South
Distinctive Characteristics:
  • Figure is an example of a Salt Evaporator.
  • Ground, Bore or Sea water is pumped into large ponds to enable the water to be evaporated by the sun leaving the salt behind.
  • Salt Evaporators may be differentiated from Aquaculture by the varied sizes of smaller beds with irregular edges located within a larger grid pattern.
  • Salt has a distinctive imagery signature in comparison to the surrounding environment.
Regional Considerations:
  • Salt Evaporators will only be found in areas of low rainfall and high solar intensity.
  • Salt Evaporators will be characteristically located on flat terrain.
Figure: Representation of a Salt Evaporator.

Figure: SPOT 2.5m RGB=321

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