Earth sciences for Australia’s future

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Positioning Australia

Our position on the globe is essential to everyday life. Positioning allows us to locate ourselves in the world and get to where we want to go. Satellite positioning technologies have enabled the precise navigation and positioning we rely on at the touch of a button, from smartphones to autonomous vehicles.

Geoscience Australia is bringing the benefits of space-based technology down to earth, through our precise positioning capability. Our vision is to help Australia prosper by fostering a world-leading positioning capability accessible to all Australians.

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Satellite image showing earths land and water progression

Digital Earth Australia

Digital Earth Australia is a program of Geoscience Australia, an agency of the Australian Government. We create free and open satellite data products for the benefit of Australia.

It’s our mission to embed satellite imagery and data into decisions that support a sustainable Australian environment, a resilient society and a strong economy.

  1. Go to Digital Earth Australia
  2. A program of Geoscience Australia
  3. Unlocking archives of satellite imagery
  4. Established in 2018

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Satellite image showing earths land and water progression


Exploring for the Future

Australia has a rich history in the exploration and development of resources. Discovery of new minerals, energy and groundwater resources, and improving management of our precious groundwater, is vital to supporting our communities, creating jobs and transitioning Australia to a low carbon future.

  1. A national program of Geoscience Australia
  2. Growing our understanding of Australia's geology
  3. Established in 2016

2024 online public Showcase: 13–16 August

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