Updated: 1 December 2007

2.2.2 Roads Vs Linear Features Example 6

Location of Example: 132°26'25" East, 14°30'48" South
Distinctive Characteristics:
  • Figure illustrates Fence lines or tracks running alongside Fences. These can be mistakenly captured as Roads.
  • New Roads and Vehicle Tracks branch from existing Road networks and lead to either cultural or natural features (eg. Buildings, Homesteads, Water Tanks or riverbanks etc).
  • Tracks along Fences that serve as only access points for fence maintenance or paddock access should not be captured.
  • Fences tend to be depicted as narrower features than roads. They generally form polygonal shapes, outlining paddocks and properties. They also tend to cut across properties unlike roads.
  • Fences are usually very straight, cleared on one or both sides, and form a rectilinear pattern or with defined angular corners. This is distinct from Minor Roads and Vehicular Tracks which are generally not straight over long distances with curved bends.
  • Fences generally enclose property boundaries or internal paddocks but do not provide connectivity or access to the farm infrastructure, i.e. Homesteads, Buildings, Water Tanks, etc.
  • Reference and Supporting Material can aid in distinguishing between significant new roads/vehicle tracks and other linear features such as Fence, firebreaks, or Cleared Lines.
Regional Considerations:
  • Fences on rural properties, particularly in northern Australia, will nearly always have a vehicle track/cleared line running parallel on one or both sides of the fence.
  • This cleared line serves as a firebreak and enables the property owner to traverse the property without impacting upon the rangelands needed to produce livestock.
  • Fences will often run parallel to thoroughfares (along cadastral parcel boundaries and coincident to the road reserve) to ensure domestic stock do not wander onto the road. These fences may only be 5m from the road verge (corridor) but can be as far as 100m or more from the road verge (corridor).
  • Railways and underground pipelines may be bounded by Fence lines with Cleared Lines either side.
Figure: Representation of Roads in association with other features typically found in Northern Australia.

Figure: IKONOS 1m RGB=321 Figure: SPOT 2.5m RGB=321

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