Barrow-Dampier CCS Regional Study

The Barrow and Dampier sub-basins have been identified as a future hub for Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) due to, availability of subsurface data, established infrastructure, and subsurface conditions favourable to long term storage of CO2. This regional study undertakes carbon storage screening of the Barrow and Dampier sub-basins to produce a portfolio of storage targets.

The study has identified areas in the region with potential for CO2 storage of 849 Mt in saline aquifers and 278 Mt in depleted petroleum fields. It defines areas for further investigation by CCS explorers, providing improved, and faster, decision making for industry exploration investment in CO2 storage.

The interpretation and analysis, and associated reports and data are now available. Supported by the already released reprocessed seismic data.

All the data is available in vendor neutral format (e.g. ASCII, LAS, shapefiles) in three downloadable components:

  1. Reports
    1. Integrated subsurface CO2 screening assessment of the Barrow and Dampier sub-basins to quantify carbon storage potential
    2. Petrophysics report
  2. Screening interpretation data
    1. Container polygons
      1. depleted fields
      2. saline aquifers
    2. Depth and time surfaces
      1. Aquifer opportunities
      2. Depth base surfaces
      3. Depth isopachs
      4. Depth top surfaces Sequence Boundaries
    3. Time surfaces
      1. TWT Base surfaces
      2. TWT Isopachs
      3. TWT Top surfaces Sequence Boundaries
    4. Play chance mapping
      1. J50 Angel & Dupuy
      2. Lower Barrow
      3. Muderong Seal
      4. Upper Barrow
    5. Well tops
    6. Pre-loaded Petrel project
  3. Wells
    1. 129 relevant well las files with petrophysics and rock physics.
    2. Pre-loaded Petrel and Techlog projects

The data and reports are available via NOPIMS or from For details on these please refer to the reprocessing id ENO0810814A in NOPIMS.