Gippsland Survey

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Gippsland Survey

In 2015, Geoscience Australia undertook the acquisition and processing of a pre-competitive dataset, the Gippsland Southern Margin Infill 2D Seismic Survey, GA0352. The data is used to better tie the existing 2D and 3D surveys from the Central Deep, with the broader structural interpretation previously obtained using the GDPI10 seismic data. This new survey provided the opportunity to shoot across structure and thereby better understand the Foster Fault System. It also provided an opportunity to use the latest processing de-ghosting technology to image the various coal horizons and clarify the palaeo-depositional environments along the southern margin of the basin.

There is 908km of 2D seismic that will be discoverable and obtainable through the NOPIMS. This data includes PreSTM and PreSDM; velocities and full, near, mid and far angle stacks. The seismic underwent Anisotropic Pre-stack Depth Migration tied to five wells; Kyarra 1A, Bullseye 1, Tarra 1, Pike 1 and Devilfish 1.

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