Fluid Flow Modelling in the Mt Isa and McArthur Basins Project

This project concluded 30 June 2003.

Project description

The Australian Minerals Industry Research Association (AMIRA) Project P552 was an ambitious multi-disciplinary project which aimed to better understand fluid migration history in the zinc-rich Paleoproterozoic rocks of northern Australia. Five years of research in the Geoscience Australia funded North Australian Basins Resource Evaluation (NABRE) Project provided a basin-scale structural and sequence stratigraphic framework for northern Australia. These new datasets form the basis of basin-scale architectural stratigraphic profiles suitable for fluid flow modelling. Paleoproterozoic rocks of northern Australia host the world's most important zinc repository and have the potential to contain additional base metal and uranium reserves. For the province to realise its full growth potential it will be necessary to better understand the chemical evolution and migration history of metal bearing fluids in these basins.

Project outcome

Enhanced exploration strategies for, and promotion of the Mt Isa and McArthur Basins through a better understanding of the geochemical and physical characteristics in the basins, as well as the timing, origin, re-activity and flow history of fluids in the basins.