About Our projects

Last updated:7 June 2023

Priority projects

Digital Earth Australia

Digital Earth Australia (DEA) is a world-leading digital infrastructure unlocking the potential of over 30 years of satellite images to detect physical changes across Australia in unprecedented detail.

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Exploring for the Future

Exploring for the Future (EFTF) is an Australian Government initiative to boost investment in resource exploration across Australia.

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Positioning Australia
Positioning Australia

By enhancing the accuracy and reliability of positioning in Australia, we will enable innovative technologies across a range of industries and accelerate economic growth.

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Our impacts

Building Australia's Resource Wealth

Building Australia’s resources wealth to maximise benefits from our mineral and energy resources, now and into the future.

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Ensuring Australia's Community Safety

Supporting Australia’s community safety to strengthen our resilience to natural hazards.

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Farmer collecting water
Securing Australia's Water Resources

Securing Australia’s water resources to optimise and sustain their use.

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Managing Australia's Marine Jurisdictions

Managing Australia’s marine jurisdictions and supporting sustainable use of our marine environment.

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Providing Fundamental Geographic Information

Creating a location-enabled Australia to increase economic, environmental and social prosperity of Australia.

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