3D Data Viewer

About the 3D Data Viewer

Geoscience Australia's 3D Data Viewer is an application developed using NASA's World Wind Java Software Development Kit (SDK) to display Australia's continental data sets. The viewer allows you to compare national data sets such as the radioelements, the gravity and magnetic anomalies, and other mapping layers, and show the data draped over the Australian terrain in three dimensions.

The viewer currently displays the following Geoscience Australia data layers:

  • Radiometric Map of Australia
  • Gravity Anomaly Map of the Australian Region
  • Magnetic Anomaly Map of Australia
  • Surface-related Uranium
  • Terrain interpretations
  • National ASTER geoscience maps
Screenshot of World Wind Viewer displaying the radiometric map of Australia

Image of the 3D Data Viewer

Launching the application

The 3D Data Viewer application requires the Java Runtime Environment which most computers will already have installed. Clicking on the Launch the 3D Data Viewer link below will start the download of the application and the relevant software components from Geoscience Australia, NASA and Oracle websites. You may see a number of notices asking you to confirm these downloads and you will need to click the run/accept buttons to proceed. The NASA and Oracle notices should only be displayed the first time you launch the application.


In the Datasets panel - click on the green "+" button next to each layer you wish to add to the Layers panel.

Default navigation controls

Instructions for navigating the virtual globe and moving around the model using a standard two button mouse and keyboard can be found under the Help > Controls menu in the application.

  • Left mouse button click & drag - all directions
  • Single click left button to center screen
  • Left/right/up/down arrows on the keyboard
  • Use the scroll wheel on the mouse to zoom in/out
  • Middle mouse button/scroll wheel - click and drag - up and down
  • Double click left/right button to zoom in/out and center screen
  • Ctrl + up/down arrows on the keyboard
  • Right mouse button click & drag - up and down
  • ' up down the keyboard
  • Right mouse button click & drag - left and right
    Note: Crossing the top and bottom half of the screen while rotating will change direction.
  • Shift + left/right arrows on the keyboard
Stop Movement:
  • Spacebar
Reset Heading:
  • N
Reset Heading/Tilt:
  • R


The World Wind Viewer requires up-to-date video card drivers and the Java Runtime Environment.

Known issues

  • Image download speeds will vary, depending on your internet connection.
  • A blank screen or a blank application window (ie. only displays the sky layer) is typically caused by out of date graphics drivers. Please update your drivers from the graphics card manufacturer via the links under Requirements above.