Vertical Obstructions Symbols

Note: The symbols below are the generic symbols and may be replaced with their equivalent offset symbol. eg 497 chimney could be replaced with 3298 Chimney Offset N if required for mapping purposes.

Feature type Commonly used term
497chimney, cooling tower, smelter tower
499tower (communications tower, fire tower, forestry tower, lookout tower, observation tower, radio tower, repeater tower, television tower, tower, water tower)
500wind turbine generator
501other (aerial, antenna, beacon, cairn, historic cairn, historic marked tree, historic marker, historic monument, kiln, light tower, mast, memorial, monument, obelisk, radio antenna, radio beacon, radio mast, radio telephone, radio telescope, railway tower, steeple, telescope, television antenna, viewing platform, water intake tower)
2other (gas platform, oil platform) or where vertical obstructions have a direct relationship with a Landmark Area (see geodatabase rules)

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